Jaival Patel

Hi there, my name is Jaival Patel and welcome to my small digital notebook!

My notebook is a collection of my observations on life, projects, and research to reflect my character. The notebook is kept simple and straightforward to symbolize an essence of my wonderful life. I have attempted to reduce the complexity of every page to make the notebook more inviting - my goal with this notebook is not for you to completely understand me, but to understand that beauty is often found in simplicity.

Currently, I am a fullstack/IOS developer mostly working in the field of web3. Along with programming, I have written various research articles about verification protocols and CS algorithms and concepts. However, fullstack and mobile development is not the end of the road for me! In the upcoming years, I will focus on compiler/language and AI development as that reflects my ultimate goal and the things I find interesting.

When it comes to caring about things, I like to care deeply about things that I am interested in. Most of the time, these things include math/cs problems, programming languages and computing systems, Creating Micro-Controllers, AI Modelling, and astronomy-related things. As far as interests outside of programming go: I love playing cricket, soccer (huge Man City fan), and reading (favourite series: Dune).

On a large scale, I care deeply about the limits of space exploration for humanity. Every time I look up at the sky, I always wonder what it would feel like if we could travel from star to star just like how we would travel from city to city. Sometimes I get myself confused about what the purpose of humanity is - there is no way there is a large universe out there that we cannot explore??? This topic has always bothered me since elementary school because I always used to imagine what the boundaries of the universe would look like and what would happen if we exceed them - I would often get annoyed by someone if they would tell me that traveling to the edge of the universe was impossible...

When it comes to advancing aerospace, I believe that aerospace engineers are currently at a stalemate. Often, with physical experiments with resources and different parts, it takes decades to not only build the experiment but to conduct and analyze it. This was also once a dilemma for biomedical engineers with proteins until DeepMind released its AlphaFold, which completely changed my perspective on scientific research. After looking at what AlphaFold can do, I started to realize that one of the methods to bring aerospace development back into momentum again is through productive AI models. As a result, ever since the day AlphaFold was released, I was inspired to walk a similar path with AI research but for aerospace development.

My ultimate goal is not to make space-traveling like Star Wars possible (although I would love for that to happen), but to create enough advancement in the aerospace industry to make materials fetching from space more accessible, traveling within the solar system more feasible, and inspire the next generation to connect the dots of innovation and perhaps invent a new method of traveling to travel outside the galaxy, or let alone, our solar system.

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