Jaival Patel

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:/Me πŸŽ†

I am a highschool blockchain, software, and algorithm developer, author, writer, and math and phyics enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada who is highly passionate about creating things that are both out of this world, and impactful to everyone in their daily lives. Day by day, I create algorithms, languages, cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications, and random other fun stuff to explore the world programming and innovation. πŸ’‘

As you may have already guessed, I am not your typical web3 developer, or to be honest, not at all! Currently, my eyes are set on computer science, cryptocurrency, and quantum computing. As a mathematics and physics student enthusiast, I strongly believe that these three disciplines will give me the opportunity to not only express my passion, but an opportunity to apply my skills to advance humanity 🧬

:/Interests/Skills πŸ”

Personally, I see myself as an intellectual. No matter where I am, and how I feel, I have the urge to finish my tasks related to my disciplines in order for me to improve not only as a person, but skillset wise as well. Here are some of the things where I spend hours working on:


Computer Science πŸ‘Ύ, Quantum Computing (Quantum Algorithm Design) βš›οΈ, Pure Mathematics, Combinatorics, Aerospace Engineering (rockets πŸš€),

Math Contests (I find them challenging sometimes), Competitive Programming,

Astrophysics πŸͺ (more specifically, Black Hole, Relativity, and Universe Formation Theories), the Beginnings of the Human Civilization 🚢🏻, the Biological Big Bang (aka, Cambrian Explosion 🦠),

The Origins of Life Entirely, F1 🏎, Cricket, and Soccer (Manchester City all the way!).

-Phew, this for sure took some time to list...


Technologies and applications that I work with along with my skillsets include:

Languages: Python, HTML, CSS, GO, Javascript, Solidity, Shell, C++ (Arduino)

Packages/Platforms/APIs: Cloud Applications (i.e, Google Cloud, AWS, Firebase), Infura, MonogoDB, Alchemy, Ganache, Ethereum Protocols, Streamlit, Vercel, CoinMarketCap, Stellar Protocols, Boston Dynamics ML libraries, Qiskit, Web3.

Frameworks: A-Frame, Miniconda, Arduino, Pip

Design Tools/Other Applications: Photoshop, Da Vinci Resolve, TinkerCAD, Mathematica

- It should be mentioned that this list continues to grow everyday. I strive to learn more principles and disciplines across a variety of STEM topics of interest.
Just like Leonardo Da Vinci once stated, "Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in."

:/Beauty Of Mathematics πŸ“•

My math my book is not your ordinary math textbook, rather it's not a textbook at all! Beauty of Mathematics shows how math really works in the real-life applications, and how it's significant in everyday industries.

By conducting 15 proofs and corresponding analyses on each one of the 15 theorems, I want to answer the widely famous question amongst students of today, "When I will ever use this?". With several unique applications ranging from quantum mechanics to art, students will finally get the answer to their dying question. Moreover, the book portrays the significance and the beauty of each theorem through proofs, diagrams, and analyses of how the thereom works in or everyday lives. With clear illustrations and annotations within each proof, this book is suitable for anyone ranging from any level of knowledge on mathematics to read and get their answer to "why mathematics is so important".

Check out my book (link also above!): Beauty of Mathematics

:/Current Workings ✏️

Some of my workings from the previous year include Beauty of Mathematics (my book!), the MANGO token - a token that powers voting DAOs, USCC Simulator, a decentralized global social network LN, StellerPython Library, a solution to the Famous 6x6 Euler Problem, Spicee - a Decentralized Article Writing platform, Spot- (a Library for Spot owners to interact with their both much easily), EthMiner, and more.

As you may already know, most of my work is related to the fields of STEM. Sample of my future workings include GDC programs, Custom DAO for Donations, a uni-diemensional cryptocurrency, encryption algorithms based on deviation, developing a mathematical function to approach infinity faster than f(x) but slower than a given g(x), a mathematical model of Wordle , and much more!

In terms of the continuing the learning process, this year, I am aiming to learn blockchain development with JS, Typescript, Hardware Discplines (CS-104 related), CS related-disciplines (algorithms, CS-50, encryption methods), and Complex Quantum Algorithms with Qiskit. It should be mentioned that I am also looking forward to learning different Crypto APIs with Javacsript.

If you want to learn more about my projects, work, or have any questions for me, please free to reach out (socials and platforms are listed above),
I would love to talk!